The Dirty Little Room

I grabbed her when she came out of her apartment building. I backed her up against the awning post and lifted her skirt to make sure she still had panties on. “Did you do as I said?” I asked and brought her fingers to my nose. “I tried,” she answered. I could faintly taste her pussy on the tips of her fingers. “Let’s go,” I told her, turning quickly and heading toward my car. “Back seat,” I said with a jerk of my head toward the door. She got in.

“What do you want?” she asked me as I slid behind the wheel, “What are we doing?” Earlier that day she told me she wanted me to take her. She wanted to be jumped. She wanted to feel dirty. “We’re going to my place,” I said, expecting her to be disappointed. Too safe. I smiled. “Take your panties off back there,” I whispered to her, “I don’t want you to come, but touch yourself.” She laughed a little. This was too easy. She does this all the time. I wasn’t sure if she rolled her eyes at me or not but her attitude was clear. She put one foot up on the seat. I saw her thigh and big black boot. She spread her legs wide for me and lifted her skirt. “Can you see me, baby?” she asked and licked two fingers before stroking her pussy, one hand holding her lips open so I could see her pink wetness. I wanted to pull over and suck on her but kept driving. Slowly.

She squirmed in the back seat. “Are you taking the scenic route?” she asked me, snotty. “You need to learn some patience,” I said. She was pushing it, “I might come if you don’t hurry.” She likes to fight back. “Don’t be so rude,” I said and drove past the exit to my house, “Now you have to wait longer.” I growled low at her. Grunting. I adjusted my jeans. My cock was jammed uncomfortably against my left thigh. I had a small rope in my pocket and one latex glove. No lube. She wanted to feel dirty tonight. She moaned in the back seat. “Don’t stop touching yourself,” I reminded her.

When we got to my place, I got out of the car. She didn’t move. I opened the back door. “What now?” she laughed, taunting me. “Get out,” I told her and walked to the sidewalk, waiting for her.

She took her time. Slowly, she made her way to me and started heading towards the house. “No,” I said, smiling, “Head that way,” and pointed to the back of the garage. She looked at me. I nodded. She didn’t know I had a room back there. Small. Storage. A dirty wooden planked floor. Perfect.

Inside, I shoved her up against the wall and kissed her hard while I undid my belt and pants. I ran my fingers through her hair and gripped her. I felt her scalp strain as I balled up a wad of hair in each fist. “Suck me off,” I said, pushing her to her knees. I saw her lips quiver. I don’t care about being sucked off really. I’ve told her that before. But I wanted her on her knees, uncomfortable. She took me deep into her mouth. I kept my grip firm. After a few minutes, I pulled out and rubbed my cock, wet with her spit, all over her face. She looked up at me with an open mouth. I ran the length of my shaft between her lips. She took me in her mouth for a few more minutes before I pushed her face down on the floor.

She pulled her skirt up and lifted her ass in the air for me. I spat several times in the palm of my hand and once let it hit her low back. Rubbing my spit on her pussy and then my cock, I felt my cunt throb for the first time that night. “You’re mine,” I said and she grabbed my cock to shove it inside her before I had the chance to do it myself.

I was up on my toes with my legs stretched long. My hands were palm flat on either side of her. I felt like a marine doing push-ups as I fucked her hard and fast. I wanted my body stiff and mechanical. I wanted to fuck her like a machine. Hard. Fast. My muscles burning within minutes. The sweat making my shirt stick to me. I picked up one hand and slowly pushed the side of her face harder and harder into the dirty floor covered in muddy boot prints. Her moans sounded desperate. A hurt animal. Unsatisfied. Unsatisfying. Loud. Just what I wanted.

She flipped over on her back and pulled on my ass to shove my cock deep inside her. I pushed her thighs up against her belly, leaning into them. Letting all my weight fall. I yelled out, refusing to fuck her any less hard even as my legs started to shake. I bent one knee and pushed my foot against the wall to get a better purchase. I needed to fuck her harder than either of us thought possible. I needed her spent and wasted like a shell casing. Exploded. Lost and gone. Done.

We fucked for a long time. I told her to jerk off for me while I held her ass on my thighs and watched my cock slide in and out of her. I shoved her off me and slipped the glove on my hand, fucking her with three fingers. Sliding easily in and out of her slick, wet pussy. I had to remind myself that we hadn’t used any lube. “So wet,” I thought. I fucked her too hard for her to come. Maybe she came once. I didn’t care. I didn’t ask. Eventually she shivered with cold and I wrapped my leather jacket around her, picked up her clothes, and walked her to my front door. Inside, I let her sleep. I held her head on my chest and pet her. I could see dust and bits of mud from the dirty floor in her hair. I wanted to fuck her again. Comfortably. In my bed. But that would wait until morning. She slept hard. Not moving in my arms for hours. I held her tight.